FirstLine Therapy

James Stolz’s Minneapolis FirstLine Therapy (FLT ) is a Therapeutic Lifestyle Program (TLC) that promotes weight loss and can help you improve your health, achieve your health goals, and reduce your health risks.

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Lifestyle Medicine: A New Standard for Managing Chronic Illness
Leading health organizations now recommend therapeutic lifestyle change and lifestyle medicine as the “first line of therapy” for treating and reducing the risk of common conditions such as:
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
• Metabolic syndrome
Type 2 diabetes
Cardiovascular disease
• Conditions related to aging

Change Your Life and Change Your Health With Lifestyle Medicine
FirstLine Therapy is a therapeutic lifestyle change, or lifestyle modification, program. Designed by health care professionals, FirstLine Therapy has been shown remarkably successful in helping individuals like you return to a path of extended health.

This is not a weight reduction program—it’s a disease reduction program. While weight loss often occurs, it’s only secondary to the primary goal helping you achieve and maintain a healthy body composition (lean-muscle-to-fat ratio) to improve health, manage disease, feel better, and reduce your risk to more serious conditions.

FirstLine Therapy (FLT) is very different than conventional programs:

First off, the eating plan that is a part of the program is more than just weight loss, it focuses on balancing out your body composition. An imbalance in body composition can not only make it difficult to achieve your ideal weight, it can also lead to serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, etc.

Secondly, most weight loss/ health programs focus on restricting your eating, such as low card or no fat diets. The FLT plan focuses on eating the right foods, in the right portion sizes frequently throughout the day. This results in less hunger, more energy AND weight loss.

Lastly, the FLT program has been proven effective in controlled clinical trials. To get more information about these studies click here